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Your health guided by natures choices

For over 30 years our mission has been to simply be your one-stop source for all your natural product needs and for you to make use of our extensive knowledge to meet your wellness goals. We know that your journey to optimal health is all encompassing mind, body & spirit and at the same time we understand your good health needs are very much are personal and individual. We will take the time to listen, discuss and guide you on your very own wellness journey.

Established Since 1989

We started Natures Choice Health Store in 1989 in the heart of London, at a time when natural products we’re seen as high-luxury and not a necessity. Our team, our family has been instrumental in promoting a natural way to good health and wellness in London, pretty much every single day since we opened in 1989. We feel the knowledge we have built over the many years still needs to be shared more than ever to support our high-speed lifestyles and ever-changing surroundings. The good news is that our team still have the strong belief of connecting with as many people as possible, regardless of where you live, to guide you to better health in the right way, natures way. We are not a new idea or a start-up company to take advantage of our communities’ health concerns, we have built our reputation on trust and relationships and not by hitting sales targets, we care and we will continue to do so for another 30 year.

Curated Selection

We spend a lot of our time navigating and researching the vast market of natural products. We have the knowledge to look at each and every ingredient on a health product and to determine quality of the ingredients and to ensure the health claims products are promoting hold true. So, when you shop with us, you can rest assured that a lot of time, knowledge and investigating has gone into hand-selecting our product range and we will only ever work with brands that share our values of quality, transparency and value.

Knowledge & Insight

We’ve built up a large, in-depth and vast amount of knowledge ranging from best in class products, function of each ingredient in our products, seasonal health concerns to supporting more serious ailments. Now with the wonders of modern technology our in-house industry experts can advise on products covering Immunity, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Beauty, Energy and lots more!

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Local Community

In the heart of London, our gem of a shop has been supporting and advising the local communities for over 30 years. We help promote local events and charities that bring everyone a little closer. Its nice to see our customers having a chit-chat with each other in our store and connecting. We feel at the end game is to have wellness of mind, body & spirit, so that these connections in our communities amongst friends, families and fellow customers are optimal. Let’s feel good to make others feel the good too, simple as that.

Our Values

We value are our transparency, honesty and the feeling of adding positively to each customer’s day by ensuring they know that they have invested in the right products just for their needs specifically. We believe in contributing positively towards the surrounding community-spirit by supporting local events and other boutique businesses to keep London’s local communities vibrant and full of wellness.

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